佐藤聰明氏の特別講義@国際教養大学:Mr. Somei Satoh's Special Lecture [Report]

佐藤聰明氏の特別講義@国際教養大学:Mr. Somei Satoh's Special Lecture@AIU

日時:2011年11月4日(金)18:00-19:40; Friday, November 4, 2011
渡辺玲子教授のクラス "Music and Performance": Prof. Reiko Watanabe's Class
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Summary in English:
A well-known composer of contemporary music with a deep understanding of traditional Japanese music (hogaku), Somei Satoh, gave a talk as the guest speaker in Prof. Reiko Watanabe's class on November 4.
He pointed out the lack of creativity on the part of many Japanese composers who have been trying to make use of traditional Japanese music in their compositions since John Cage presented his "chance music" (indeterminancy in music) to put an end to traditional Western-style classic music.
Rather than superficially using Japanese traditional music methods and instruments, Mr. Satoh said, he obtained inspirations from Buddhist chants and mantras, which should be regarded as the basis for various kinds of tradtional Japanese music. In fact, there is, or at least was in the past, a religious aspect of singing or playing any traditional Japanese music, not in the same sense as singing or playing religious music in the West.
Although time was up before Mr. Satoh gave any conclusion, his lecture note in Japanese, distributed in class, clearly indicated how he was going to conclude his talk:

"The traditional Japanese way of singing with special doubling sounds (special kind of bai-on, which is different from Western-style harmony) as well as listening to it can lead us to a kind of mental state of enlightenment, and by using this idea and method, I composed my music 'Mantra' in 1986".

Prof. Reiko Watanabe's timely support and Prof. Shingo Nishikawa's excellent interpretation helped all the participants understand in English what Mr. Satoh intended to convey to them in his talk.
(Takahiro Miyao)
Summary in Japanese:


Prof. Shingo Nishikawa, accurately interpreting Mr. Somei Satoh's lecture
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