Story for Disaster Prevention Education in : 防災教育のための物語 [Information 情報]

Disaster Prevention Education Based on Lafcadio Hearn’s Story


In the period 1937-1947, disaster prevention education, especially about Tsunami, was widely given in Japan, using a textbook based on Lafcadio Hearn’s “A Living God,” that is a story of Gohei Hamada, who set fire to his rice heads on a high hillside to attract village people for fire fighting, thus saving them from the great tsunami, which happened in 1896 (Meiji Sanriku Earthquake)
Reference: Lafcadio Hearn "A Living God":
Note: Lafcadio Hearn, born in Greece (1850), migrated to Ireland (1982), moved to the US (1859), and lived in Japan (1890-1904), published "A Living God" in 1897, a year after the Meiji Sanriku Earthquake.

1896年の明治三陸地震・津波で「村の長者の浜田五兵衛が高台の自分の稲むらに火をつけ、それを消しに駆け付けた村人たちを大津波から救った」という話『A living God』(小泉八雲著・英文)を元にした教材『稲むらの火』が、昭和12~22年に防災教育に広く使われた。
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