「雲・地図アート」をロスのアートスクールで教える: Teaching My "Cloud/Map Art" to Children at LA Art School [Report]

クラスではバレル先生のサポートもあってとてもスムーズに進みました(写真3枚目は例を示している私、4-5枚目は生徒たちの様子)。実際子供たちは私に予想以上の創造力を発揮して例えば雲アートでは、私が以前つくばの雲をもとに描いた「妖怪大戦争」を見せなかったにもかかわらず同じような発想で実にカラフルな面白い絵を描き(6枚目の写真)、さらに地図アートでは私が日本地図の例を見せたのに対してアメリカ合衆国の地図を上下さかさまにして見事な絵を描いた小学3年生の独創性に感服(7枚目の写真)! まさにピカソが言ったように「子供は誰もがアーティスト」。

Teaching My "Cloud/Map Art" to Children at LA Art School
On Thursday, October 25, after a month of preparation and consultation with art teacher Ms. Nickie Burrell of Loyola Village Arts Magnet School in LA, I went to her classes, one class in the morning and two classes in the afternoon, to teach third graders what I call “cloud-map” art, that is, drawings based on the shapes of clouds or maps in the pictures handed out to them.
In each class I showed my own drawings as examples so that the children can get an idea about what to do in class. I gave one example for each of the cloud and map pictures (see the first two photos attached)
I think my teaching went smoothly, thanks to the help of Ms. Burrell, and the children more or less followed my instructions to work on the pictures that I handed out (see the 3rd - 5th photos attached).
Actually, I was really impressed by creative ideas exhibited by some of the third graders, who are still free of the “commonsense,” in their artworks such as “monster war” cloud art (see the 6th photo) and “upside down USA” map art (the 7th photo), by getting my idea, Indeed, “every child is an artist,” as Pablo Picasso said!
I feel like I learned a lot about my teaching experience in these classes, especially, how to encourage children’s spontaneity and creativity in art, and possibly in learning other subject matters like geography, history, etc.
I hope I will be able to come back to try more of my ideas along this line to stimulate children’s interest and creativity further in the future.

私の「雲・地図アート 」の例: Examples of My "Cloud/Map Art" Shown in Class
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私の授業とクラスの状況: My Teaching and Class Scenes
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生徒たちの創造的な雲・地図アート作品: Children's Creative Cloud/Map Artworks
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