FINAL WORDS: Advice for Students [Misc]

FINAL WORDS: Advice for Students

What you have learned so far:

1. Things, facts and events are getting more globalized and complicated
--- Increasing importance of information collection and digestion

1a) Find and use key “issues” to sort out and digest information effectively
1b) Tap multiple sources with “different perspectives” on any particular issue

2. Opinions, values and viewpoints are getting more diverse and divisive
--- Increasing importance of being understanding and open-minded

2a) Find “representative” opinions and viewpoints on current issues.
2b) “Compare and contrast” different opinions and viewpoints clearly

3. Effective communication is getting more important to solve global issues
---- Increasing importance of expressing and exchanging opinions effectively

3a) Clearly state “important points first” and explain more later.
3b) Put yourself in your audience’s (opponents’) shoes, respecting their positions

What you should do from now on:

4. Try to acquire analytical skills, good intuition and sound value judgment

4a) Train yourself in reasoning & value judgment (cool head & warm heart)
4b) Try to keep working/learning, according to the “10,000 hour” rule
Ref: Outliers (Gladwell):

5. Find the best way to keep yourself working/learning

5a) Motivate/reward yourself for your effort, and make hard work your “habit”
5b) Learn through trial and error and accept mistakes/bad results objectively.
Ref: The Power of Habit (C. Duhigg), Adapt (T. Hartford) & Imagine (J. Lehrer)

Good luck!